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The concept for a very special care

1. General information, differentiation to elderly care, health care, treatment care and a special care at home to avoid the needed care in the hospital

1.1.Benefits of these special services

2. Services and performance 2.1.Wellness treatments 2.2.Beauty treatments

3. Contact

1-st point

General information

Eldercare covers the daily routines in our normal life like basic care, nutrition, home economics in addition to mobility. These services are a private and exclusive offers that we made to our request in order to serve our clients at a high level.

We want to ensure that your basic needs are covered at its best for every life time situation. We want to focus on how to enrich you quality of life, since we know your personal and basic needs. Further to that we came to the conclusion, that even if we age, we all of us deserve an excellent aesthetic appearance and wellbeing. Please feel free to get in touch with us – we are looking forward to assist you.

With Sumitra Care you have a strong partner on your side, you can trust completely.

The nursing includes aspects such as home-based medical care and nursing care. This means we offer nearly the same benefits of a health insurance. Even if you want to avoid staying at the hospital we can do that for you, so we make sure you can get well soon and continue with us so that we take care of you.

People ask when is home nursing possible:

- If the treatment is required to perform and maintain the prescribed therapy

- If the necessary treatment in the hospital is impossible

- When a hospital stay can be shortened or avoided

In addition, the treatment care therapy is another value offer as the next step. This is also known as the professional care at home. Home nursing supports the medical treatment. With this opportunity we want to achieve the major goal to offer great support at your home.  Hospital care prevention

Insured persons receives their necessary care in suitable places like in their own household, with the family or other places that corresponds to the hospital care. Sometimes the care is necessary but not executeable. It may also be that the actual hospital treatment can be avoided or shorened with the program of our home nursing.

In individual cases we can shape your personal basic care with individual treatments combined with a home-based care.

Domestic help & domestic activities

This represents the management of a household with all the tasks involved. It is ensured that unnecessary burdens are largely avoided.

Tasks which are taken from the insured are for example – getting food, preparing food for you and also for the entire family. The cleaning and care of clothing and also the apartment/house is guaranteed.

The traditional care or use of a domestic help is about that no other person is living in the household. But with Sumitra Care we manage it no matter how many people lives in the household. We are certain to find a suitable solution according to your needs.

To meet the laws please get in touch with us, so make sure that everything is going to be right on both sides. Just talk to us – because we think, when it comes to an open and honest communication almost everything is possible.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

2nd point

Services and benefits

Wellness treatments

We do more than necessary, because we think that men and women, even aged have a special claim to feel comfortable.

Feel Good treatments in clude among other things, the daily relaxation and if wanted to enjoy the traditional thai massages. Your well being is our main request. Experience a wonderful selection of special, different and very healthy massages.

Beside the Thaimassages we offer foot and arm reflexology massages. Somedays you feel your back, therefore we can customize the massages for your daily and personal need. Experience the power of healing touches.

 Beauty treatments

Our inner beauty has a lot do with our visible beauty. This is why we extended our range of services. Our staff also offers the benefit of a manicure and pedicure and if desired a gentle hair removal. You may have other wished or you want a whole package that you are used to from ealier times we are certain to meet your expecatations. Individual, customized and honest service is what you deservce.

Talk to us – It is your life and you deserve to enjoy the best.

Household activities

This includes the daily and fresh preparation of your food, cleaning the laundry and caring about all other needed activities. You want something more or have a very specific focus? We will be happy to make you and individual offer, that is shaped on your entirely needs.

3rd point


You would like to get more details and information? You are already thinking about your future life? Are you thinking about to take care about the necessary arrangements for your dearest and beloved ones? The time is now to take action.

We are very glad to be available for you, whenever you need us. No matter via telephone, email or personal – take your time.

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