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Come in and experience a new dimension of deep relaxation, where your soul relaxes and you enjoy pure relaxation. Fill your energy with new power and harmony. Restore your body and enjoy the best thai tradition. In the Sumitra spa, passion becomes a profession. Because we believe that the best possible success is only possible if discipline is paired with passion for the job. We made this to our calling. Sumitra has always believed that her divine inspiration was to show her fellow human being numerous ways to improve health and beauty. The logo that you see symbolizes the number 1 - this means a new beginning with full power and energy. In the middle is the seed that symbolizes the origin of the thai tradition. The leaves are the result of success and passion. You are very important to us, at any time and in any treatment. This is why we want to ensure and give you another sensational break and recovery.

Experience the art of our beauty and massage pioneers.

We are looking forward to your visit and wish you all the best.

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