Price List


Traditional Thai Massage

(fullbody without oil)

Oil Massage

(fullbody with oil)

Thai Sports Massage

(with oil/herbal balm)

Head, Neck and Back Massage

(with oil/herbal balm)

Hot Stone Massage

(fullbody with oil/herbal balm)

Herbal Pack Massage

(fullbody with herbal pack)           

Pregnancy Massage

(before and after birth)

Sumitra Signature

(fullbody with oil/herbal balm)           

Foot Reflex Massage

(full leg)

Face Massage

(Natural Oil [Luminesce])

Diamant Microderm Abrasion

(Luminesce skin care)

Hand Reflex Massage

(full arm)

Facial Treatments

Skin Treatments

Permanent Makeup

Eyelash Extensions

Other Facial Treatments

Waxing Treatments

For Her

For Him

Spa Packs

Sumitra Spa Packages