Price List


Traditional Thai Massage

(fullbody without oil)

Oil Massage

(fullbody with oil)

Thai Sports Massage

(with oil/herbal balm)

Head, Neck and Back Massage

(with oil/herbal balm)

Hot Stone Massage

(fullbody with oil/herbal balm)

Herbal Pack Massage

(fullbody with herbal pack)           

Pregnancy Massage

(before and after birth)

Sumitra Signature

(fullbody with oil/herbal balm)           

Foot Reflex Massage

(full leg)

Hand Reflex Massage

(full arm)

Facial Treatments

Face Massage

(Natural Oil [Luminesce])

Diamant Microderm Abrasion

(Luminesce skin care)

Skin Treatments

Permanent Makeup

Eyelash Extensions

Other Facial Treatments

Waxing Treatments

For Her

For Him

Spa Packs

Sumitra Spa Packages